for Summer.

I keep forgetting to post about this.
Last month (October I think) I commissioned my friend Summer. I absolutely love her work and told her to just surprise me.

You can find more of her wonderful photography and artwork here:

Earlier in the month I was looking at Summer’s blog, I’m always amazed at how beautiful her photographs are and one she took of herself epically inspired me.

I started the drawing on the 11th of November and finished the painting around the 23rd (took an entire day to edit the painting video).

I hope you enjoy watching it.
If you’d like to see a better view of the painting go [ HERE ].

I really liked where this went and already working on my next victim *cough* painting… I mean painting. @_@

If you’re interested in owning your own custom piece of art such as this please contact me for details.

Tis the Season…

Once again the shopping madness will begin this FRIDAY.

Remember to support local and or small businesses this holiday season. ❤ And shop early to avoid any delays in shipping

From now till Saturday I am having an Early Black Friday Sale. That’s 10% off of everything (even Original Artwork!) Use Code: EARLYBLACKFRIDAY10

STICKERS $4.50 – $7.50



MUGS Start @ $20.00

PRINTS $20.00

Zazzle Gift Certificates are available too!

I almost forgot about this video till I was updating my etsy listings.

I decided to go with one of their free music tracks because the track I used Warner Music owns. Let me tell you, YouTube’s selection of music sucks. But if you watch it NOW (10.02p 11-09-2011) you’ll hear the original track.

New Goodies in my Zazzle Store

Yesterday I spent nearly the entire day drawing and inking a filigree design that I wanted to use for this shirt design that’s been in my head these past months (maybe even a year now).

You can see the designs in their full glory over at Zazzle (just click the pictures and the link will open in a new window/tab).

Also I’ve started working on coding my merchandise pages. I have all of the graphics templates set up, now I just need to start making products. =) This might take a little longer than I first thought… I’m hoping to have a good chunk done by next week.

This coming week…

I’ll be doing some heavy revamping of a few of my pages in particular my ‘prints/merchandise’ and ‘original art sales’ pages. The pages are going to be set up so that you’ll see preview images here, but will be directed to buy from my Zazzle Store for prints & other merchandise, and my Etsy Shoppe for Original Artwork. That way I have a bit less html work to do, and more exposure. I’ll also be working on getting my first calendar completed for 2012!

But today it’s outside to rake leaves before the rain starts on Monday.

WoW Gold Selling Spam Bot BE GONE!

A few years ago I did some world of warcraft fan art and posted them, now some asian gold farming spambot (yes it’s coming from somewhere in asia, before they blocked their profile from being viewed the blog associated with the profile was written in some asian language) has been spamming that entry with ads about their gold selling site. So stupid that there’s no way to report his profile as being a bot/spammer and the new improved spam filters are not working, I shouldn’t have to delete old entries because some stupid bot is spamming them. >.< very frustrating.

Update: Maya found the link to report the blogger acct that’s been spamming. THANK YOU! ^_^