Canson / Arches Paper Changes…

After all of the hassle with my supplies delivery, come to find out that Arches had changed their Hot Pressed watercolor paper on the blocks.

There is a HUGE difference in the texture of the paper.  The old (orange cover) has very smooth texture like smooth bristol, the new (pink cover) even though it’s labeled the same (Grain Satine), it’s rough like rough bristol.

Why do these companies have to go and screw around with a good product?  Crescent did it when they merged with Strathmore – their watercolor board became crap.  I had been using that since I was in the Marines (late 80’s – early 90’s) till about 8 years ago.  And now Canson / Arches has gone and done the same thing.

I have serious concerns about it.  I’m actually afraid to use this new paper for the commission I need to start penciling today.  I don’t want have a product malfunction when I start painting.   Also this other project which will total about 80 paintings… I was planning on using my regular (arches) hot pressed watercolor paper for it…. Now I just don’t know…. I won’t ever be able to use liquid mask on this new paper because it’s way too rough and when you remove it it’ll take half of the paper with it.

I’m starting to feel kinda sick to my stomach over this. =(