re-evaluating & getting back to what I love…

These last few years I feel like I’ve lost my artistic voice.  I’ve been so concerned with what’s going to sell, that I’ve gotten so far away from the art I love doing most.

When I watched ‘Beauty is Embarrassing’ there were some things that Wayne White had said that really kicked me in the pants.

Follow your heart and pleasure in art.
Don’t do what you think is gonna be making you money,
or what your parents want you to do,
or what that beautiful girl or guy thinks you should be doing.
Do what you love.
It’s gonna lead to where you want to go.

So I’ve decided to re-evaluate a lot of things that I just haven’t been happy with.  First task was to get my room in order.  Second – I’m just not cut out for ‘light fantasy’, my heart just isn’t in it (unless it’s a dark faery, I won’t be going there).  Three – I need to up my game.
I need to get back to drawing & painting what I love, after all that’s where my heart is.  If I do what I love hopefully it’ll speak to others and they’ll love it too.