The new Mad Max: Fury Road has brought back my love of everything Post Apocalyptic. So much so that I feel like I had an epiphany regarding where I need to go with my art (which for the past handful of years I’ve been unhappy with).  I’ve always struggled with the fufuness of dresses and whatnot of the gothic / fantasy type art I’ve been trying to do.  That stuff just does NOT come naturally and I need to pour over fashion magazines to get any inspiration.

 So inspired by these two:  [ Furiosa ] [ The Valkyrie ]

I have so many ideas right now… need to power thru these commissions and then let these ideas spill out onto the paper.

I feel really good about this new direction, I just can’t wait to get started.


The New York Times wrote, “Miller has reminded us that blockbusters have the potential to not only be art, but radically visionary – even the fourth in a series. What a lovely day, indeed.”

I am in LOVE with this movie. I feel like this is the movie I have been waiting my entire life to see. The action, the acting, the editing, the cinematography, the story was strong from start to finish, it is unapologetic and beautiful. Too many movies lose steam and lag near the end, so many have ‘meh’ endings I just skip over them. Furiosa is such a powerful character, she is as tough and as capable as Max. The story is a human story, not just about men or women, but of survival, hope & redemption.  There’s no power struggle between the two main characters, there is trust. There were no pointless love scenes anywhere in this movie to undermine the lead female character.  I loathe when they over-sexualize a female lead, so much so I’ll just stop watching. I don’t know if “they” think a certain portion of the view population expects that, or what, but I find it demeaning to the female character and to the audience.

And the Vuvalini, are glorious.

I’m hoping this movie is a HUGE success and opens the door for more movies of this caliber.  Hopefully it starts some serious discussion in Hollywood and turns the tides and changes how women are portrayed in movies & the media.