New Palettes!

New Palettes arrived! I was so tired of the plastic palettes staining, finally ditched them for porcelain.   Can’t wait to start using them. But first I need to start working on this new sketch card set.

Here they are:
The large one with lid / mixing tray:

The small daisy palette: 

Immortan Joe Mini Painting Complete!

Just FINISHED! Will be 4sale at the show this weekend! If it doesn’t sell, people who are patrons gets first crack at it on Monday, if there are no nibbles by Wednesday it gets thrown up on my store.

Repurposing Old Business Cards…

Daily Sketch

06.12.2015 Daily Sketch – Starting June 15 all new daily sketches, and works in progress will first post to my Patron’s Feed.

Connie Faye on Patreon!

I am now on Patreon
You can become a patron for as little as $1 a month.  This will allow me to make more art per month than I currently do.
And as a reward for being my patron, you get access to:

  • Exclusive sales
  • Monthly goodie packages.
  • Discounts on Commissions.
  • Discounts in my online shop!
  • First Looks at sketches, works in progress and NEW ART.
  • First dibs on new work before I list them in my online shop.
  • You’ll also be the first notified when spots open on my commissions lists.
  • Higher tiered Pledges will get access to a no wait list monthly commission (included in their pledge package).

This is possibly the BEST way to SUPPORT the Artists you Follow. 
Even if you only want to do it ONCE you still get access to all of that subscription level’s rewards for the month you subscribe.
Starting June 15th All Daily Sketches, Works in Progress and New YouTube videos will be posted to my patron’s only feed which only costs $1/mo to access.
Hope to see you all there!