Painting will commence!

I just finished redrawing her hair, and I’m ready to paint this lovely! I’m hoping to have it done in time for FlashBack Weekend!

Here is the before and after to show you how I changed the hair.

New Painting – work in progress.

Working on getting this redrawn today, so painting can start Monday.
Hoping to have this done before Flash Back Weekend (approx 2 weeks)!

Comcast /XFinity Discontinuing Photo Hosting Feature for subscribers.

As of Oct 8, 2015 Comcast will discontinue it’s Personal Web Page / Online Photo Storage feature. I’ve been using it since 2003-2004, because it was a feature INCLUDED in my internet service plan. I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but, one could only hope that a company as large as comcast / xfinity wouldn’t start cutting features like this from their subscribers. Apparently it’s not cost effective to give customers services like this, it’s too much trouble for them to keep it on.

I guess it’s time to look around for places to host my website images. I have everything already on my computer, so I’m not in any danger of losing anything, BUT I’ll need to find a reliable alternative since I only need a hosting for a few things.

So after October, if you go back and view any older entries that are NOT linked with my instagram or tumblr accounts, you may notice broken images. I will not be going back to fix them, I just don’t & won’t have the time to do it.

If google gets rid of blogger/blogspot I’m really in trouble.

I’ve been working on my website….

This past week I’ve been working on getting my site updated. So far I’ve added a nifty drop down menu, broken apart my galleries, and added links to all of my online stores. I’ve also been trying to figure out the easiest way to display all of the sketch cards I’ve done over the years. The biggest (most cards I’ve done for one set) by far has been Lord of the Rings Masterpieces, I’ve been trying to decide if a flash gallery is worth the hassle… as it is I’m leaning towards just doing a light box gallery.  Might be the fastest way to get it done.