The All Night Flea Market – Aug 15th. [Recap]

I remember finding out about this show last year, but I was apprehensive about doing a show that ended at 3am, I thought I’d have a hard time staying awake. It wasn’t so bad. I was in the first row called ‘Star Alley’. Our little area was pretty packed the entire night. Sales were pretty slow till about midnight, I think that’s when my people started filtering in. A few originals got new homes. I even saw the manager from my old day job, I know he was pretty surprised to see me.

I drew a quicky portrait of Lisa Loring as Wednesday, about a minute after I finished the sketch, the traffic in our row kinda died down so I ran over to give it to her. I didn’t even think to take a photo of it, I just wanted to get over there before we had another flood of people. She was wonderful, and wanted to give me a signed picture. Growing up (and even now) The Addams Family is one of my favorite TV shows.

Since our row was a wall of people most of the night I really wasn’t able to get too many pictures (as you can see below). The pictures I did take were early on, not long after set up. There was a local tv/cable/podcast host shuffling about in costume as Ozzy Osbourne. He did it well! =)

to everyone that made this show worth while,
without your support I wouldn’t be able to keep doing these shows.
Next Show: September 11-13 2015 CECE – 1st Annual Fall Festival Carol Stream IL.

Hope to see you there!