Website Moved…

With all of the changes to services within this past year (Oct 2015 – Present) I was left with no other options but to leave blogger for hosting my website. Earlier in the year Google was merging Picasa with their Google Photos and discontinuing Picasa all together. We were told that if we were using links to the photos in picasa, nothing would change. But once the migration was done, how those pictures reacted once you clicked on them was not the same. It doesn’t matter how you had the images displayed once clicked you were redirected to a google site. So basically my gallery was broken again.

I would have rather spent the last 3 days working on new paintings for my show in two weeks instead of reworking my entire website in a new place. During that time I disconnected my domain from blogger to point to my new site at weebly, which is why it’s been unavailable. (still waiting for it to propagate through.)

Why weebly? As compensation for comcast/xfinity axing our personal webpages, they gave us (those who claimed it within the allotted time frame) 2 years of a free pro account. I still have a year left, and thought I’d take advantage of it before it runs out. So about June next year I’ll be moving my site again to Wix and also transferring my domain to them as well. I really like their site controls much better than Weebly, and the yearly wix subscription includes domain fees.

There are still a few things left to finish on my new site, mainly the gallery area. I’ll be working on that today. I’m also keeping my blogger blog, because there’s no way to transfer my entries. I’ve been with blogger since 2004\5 and I really don’t want to abandon those archives. So for now I’ll continue using blogger for my blog only.

Hopefully my domain will be active with the new site later on today.

Comcast /XFinity Discontinuing Photo Hosting Feature for subscribers.

As of Oct 8, 2015 Comcast will discontinue it’s Personal Web Page / Online Photo Storage feature. I’ve been using it since 2003-2004, because it was a feature INCLUDED in my internet service plan. I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but, one could only hope that a company as large as comcast / xfinity wouldn’t start cutting features like this from their subscribers. Apparently it’s not cost effective to give customers services like this, it’s too much trouble for them to keep it on.

I guess it’s time to look around for places to host my website images. I have everything already on my computer, so I’m not in any danger of losing anything, BUT I’ll need to find a reliable alternative since I only need a hosting for a few things.

So after October, if you go back and view any older entries that are NOT linked with my instagram or tumblr accounts, you may notice broken images. I will not be going back to fix them, I just don’t & won’t have the time to do it.

If google gets rid of blogger/blogspot I’m really in trouble.

New Site on the Horizon.

For nearly the past year I’ve been getting the royal runaround from Comcast’s Customer Service and Tech Support, about my webpage server. During their ‘Big Server Upgrade’ it broke, meaning I wasn’t able to connect to it any longer with my FTP. Every time I’d call and put in a Service Ticket their Genius Technician’s would send an email to the email account testing it instead of the PWP server. O_o nearly a YEAR.

The past week I’ve been sending them nasty emails trying to get it resolved. Apparently the only FIX to the BROKEN servers is to use IE’s FTP function. I don’t use IE – not after my WoW account got hacked after a key logger got on my old pc because IE is NOT SECURE! I shouldn’t have to use IE when my FTP was working just fine, and it’s only on ONE account out of 4, that alone tells me it’s a SERVER PROBLEM, not my FTP.

Oh Well.. I’ve deleted the broken account and I have to start from scratch…. again.