Graphic Design stuffs.

So there’s this other thing that I do, Graphic Design. I have a few clients, mostly convention people and my mother in law (for the Geneseo Model Railroaders Train Club.)

The original picture was taken by one of the Railroad club members and my mother in law needed it for their 2016 button design. I had to modify the picture so that it would fit (full bleed) into the circular design, I also wanted to just make it a better photo without the foliage, benches and christmas decorations. Took about 2 hours (including laying out the button design w/ text).

Rockatansky’s Fix-it Shop on Tee Public by ConnieFaye

Since I couldn’t figure out the Tee Fury uploading requirements, (seriously, their requirements are two different things, which it CANT be, 640×800 and 300 dpi at 3500 x 3500, how is that helpful?)  So… I went and made an account over at Tee Public.

Slightly cheaper than Society 6, but I’m not sure of the quality.  If I can find a video on youtube that has better instructions on the file requirements for uploading to Tee Fury, that’ll be coming along soon. If not… (and yes I’ve already looked on their forums, which are equally unhelpful.).