Movie Night: The Thing (2011), Due Date & Drive Angry

Yesterday we saw “The Thing“, I was really pleased with it. They did a great job keeping with the feel and continuity of the 1982 Thing. (I watched it when we eventually got home). A few things bothered me, that hand held bobbing thing they do with the camera got a bit much for me in one scene, the dialogue wasn’t circa 1982 (it was more along the lines of what you hear in today’s movies), and the frozen guy they found at the Norweigian Outpost sitting at the radio that had his thoat cut he wasn’t exactly the same but I guess if you’re not keeping track it’s ok. Everything else falls nicely into place to be found by the Americans in the 1982 movie. If you go see it don’t leave after the credits start to roll, you’ll miss something good.

IMO: Overall, If you’re a fan of the 1982 Thing you’ll really enjoy this prequel. I’m hoping when it comes out on DVD there will be a ton of extras.

After dinner we rented ‘Due Date’ and ‘Drive Angry’. “Due Date” was great, hilarious and an ‘OMG I can’t believe they did that’ moment. RDJ was excellent and Zach did a great job. I’m so glad that RDj got his crap together, he’s such an awesome actor. “Drive Angry‘” = Extra Cheese Special, I’m so glad we didn’t pay full price to see that in the theater, we only paid $1.00 for the rental. Too much gratuitous T&A for my taste. I can kinda see how they got Nick Cage to be in it. Hey Nick, I have a script for you, you get to drive a bunch of American Muscle cars in it. *shrugs* I think the downfall of Nick Cages career will be that he’s in debt till the end of time and is taking any old script they throw his way.