GenCon Indy [ReCap]

By far GenCon 2012 was the best yet. For the first time since I started doing shows I was actually ready, I got everything finished that I wanted to have done, no rushing around at the last minute like a chicken with my head cut off!

I’m just going to link to my GenCon 2012 photo album on my facbook because really don’t want to have to upload and code all of the photos.
[ GenCon 2012 Photos ]
Also here is one of the bags I did for the

I want to Thank everyone that made it out to my booth and bought a print, original sketch or one of the framed paintings on my wall.

If you have plans to be at Dragon*Con my friend’s husband is going and he’ll be putting out some freebie postcards from me that also has an exclusive coupon for my Etsy store. So be on the look out.

CECE Final Show [recap]

After 11 years CECE has come to an end. I’m really grateful that I have been part of this event; Over the last few years I have met so many wonderful Artists & Guests. There have been very few shows that I’ve done where they take care of you the way that Paul took care of us. I will really miss this show.

Over all I had a pretty good show, got to catch up with Bill & Celest, Cyn Narcisi, Jeff Clark and Jake Reuth. A few of my GenCon Regulars (which also happened to be locals) came to the show. Once the group photos have been posted I’ll repost them here too.

Artwork for Ed of SciFi Cards, I think it’s going to be his promo card for his next show…
5×7 Watercolor, Acrylic & Ink on Arches Hot Press Watercolor Paper.

I will definitely be doing more ‘Pin Up’ type art in the near future.


Up Next:

Shows: I have no definitive plans on any shows, I will post here if I do land a spot. I’m hoping there’s going to be a horror show or two in the next few months. .

Artwork & Commissions: I have several commissions, my MarlaBea Donation & Sketchbook sketches to get done in the next week. Then I’ll be working on artwork for a new ‘samples’ page and booklet. This new direction I believe will be more marketable to the general public, and less specialized as I am now with the Gothic & Fantasy art.

CECE Spring Fling

The first show of the season is such a breath of fresh air after the long cold winter. Getting out of the house, working a show, seeing all of the familiar faces, catching up with friends, and talking to fans is always sooo refreshing.

There were quite a few more people at this show than I had expected especially with C2E2 just next weekend. I’m really glad Cynthia Narcisi stopped by, I haven’t seen her in such a long time, it was a good visit.

If things go well this year, and if I can remember to check the C2E2 site in September; I’m hoping to snag a table in Artists Alley next year.

I signed on with Paul for the rest of the CECE shows which helps fill up my show schedule for the year. Paul is such a nice guy and his shows are always fun to do. I will be doing a special original piece (I will also be filming the painting process for a time lapse video, I hope I can get my friend Penelope Ofeq to arrange a special set to accompany it.) for his big charity auction for the September show, so make sure you attend. The proceeds go to a very worth cause, The Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation.

Up Next:

So much to do before my next show, I’ve decided to do a Mini Print / Convention Sketchbook combo thing. If I can get the design worked out, I should have it before my next show and definitely before GenCon.

Now Back to work. =)

finally hashed out my show schedule for this year:

I will be at all of the CECE shows: June 5, July 9, & Sept 17 – Carol Stream IL
June 18 & 19 Geneseo Music & Craft Festival – Geneseo IL
August 4-7 GenCon – Indianapolis IN

…will update when and if other shows become available.

I will be updating my website tomorrow.