Arting Updates

I’ll probably start reworking this next week (to give my brain a chance to mull over the possibilities & details).

Hopefully by Wednesday/Thursday I’ll have Chelle de los Muertos done. And maybe get a little more working done on that raven mask painting I keep avoiding. (below)

Retro Sexy Pin up Robot.

So I ended up falling off the ‘A Sketch A Day’ wagon, I’m sorry about that. I got kinda busy.

One thing I can now share is the sketch for a new painting I’ll probably have done… soonish (as time permits), I will definitely have prints in time for GenCon. This was a rough for something else (can’t say what), “they” ended up going in another direction. =)

I really want to do more of this kind of work, maybe a series? who knows?

I’ve been working on a few painted sketch cards (between commissions & other things) to post on feebay Monday (Apr 18). Trying to get into the habit of a ‘rotation’ art done this week gets posted next week. That will free me up to do more work during the week.

finally hashed out my show schedule for this year:

I will be at all of the CECE shows: June 5, July 9, & Sept 17 – Carol Stream IL
June 18 & 19 Geneseo Music & Craft Festival – Geneseo IL
August 4-7 GenCon – Indianapolis IN

…will update when and if other shows become available.

I will be updating my website tomorrow.

GenCon Status……

Updated March 9, 2011:

As of right now I have half of what I need for my GenCon Booth, if I don’t make enough in the next few weeks I won’t be able to make it again this year.

Today (03.09.2011) I faxed in my GenCon Registration & Booth Fees! Hopefully I’m not too late and there are still booths available.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I will be at the Chicago Entertainment Collectors Expo Spring Fling this Saturday (March 12th). I will have lots of prints, originals, original ACEOs & Fan Art ACEO’s; also new glass tile pendants (which I’ll be working on this week), I will also be taking commissions to do the following week to mail out.

To Art School or Not…

Monday I filled out some ‘more info’ applications for two art schools that offer e-learning courses; Academy of Art University (in San Fran), & SCAD, these are the only ones I could find that had online ‘illustration’ programs. SCAD said it would be 2-4 weeks before they could send me any info, but Academy of Art Uni actually called me Tuesday. I spoke to one of the e-learning admissions person and she emailed me the foundations dept portfolio submission guidelines.

OMG all of the tedious drawings I’m going to have to do for this is crazy. 3 pages (w/ 6 line items each) of different drawings each on 18×24 paper. @_@

So I got to thinking, and picked the brains of my friends over this. Do I really want a BFA in Illustration or would it be more beneficial to go for a BFA in Graphic Design?

I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a BFA in Graphic Design. That piece of paper is really more of a formality, I went to Community College and took every single art related course they offered, and my school I went to in the military was a graphic design school. I’ve also taken various art/graphics related classes through out my life. It’s just for a well paying steady job I need that piece of paper.

I’m going scout a few more schools before I make a decision, but I definitely want to start working on this by Fall, maybe even as early as Summer. I need to contact the CC I went to and find out how much of my military training will transfer over.

As many who work Freelance know, our situation is Feast/Famine cycle which is very frustrating and nerve wracking. Needless to say with the current state of the economy it’s been mostly famine. I need to improve my financial situation and getting my degree is the only way I can do it and be happy. I do not want to go back into office work (as a CS Rep, Collections Rep, a Secretary or anything like that.) It seems that every office job I get they look at the fact that I’ve worked in graphics and try to get by with me doing graphics work for what they pay a lowly admin. If I say ‘no’ or give them conditions (like they can pay me freelance and I can work on it after hours at home with the proper tools); I’m always told that I have to fit it in with my regular work and they change my job description to include it. Ever try to make a professional looking flier with MS Word and MS Paint, what a joke.

I’m tired of being taken advantage of like that.

Halloween & other stuff…

Sorry for my long absence, about a month ago I finally got a new video card to replace the one that burned out earlier in the year… only my pc didn’t like the new hardware and decided to give me the finger (in the form of the blue screen of death). I really didn’t want to have to reinstall windows since I’ve lent out some of my program disks and haven’t seen them since. So I’m not really sure when or if I’ll be able to update my site again. I hate reinstalling windows and am still trying to get stuff reinstalled.

Here’s what I did for this past Halloween. I know you’ve probably seen those really cool 3d renderings on pumpkins; well, I really wanted to try that this year. Every website I had visited said that you only need a medium pottery loop tool to scrape off the outer skin, then you can use just regular pottery/sculpture tools to do the rest. OOOooooo-kay… either I’m not strong enough or my pumpkins were extra tough, the only part of the pumpkin I could actually scrape off with my loop tool the thin orange skin, that’s it. I spent a fair amount of time just doing that, so I searched and tried various tools I had in the house. Finally decided to break out the Dremel tool, then it was a breeze from there on out.

CECE 2010 – recap

This was my first time back to CECE since 2007, I had lots of fun and it was my LAST show of the year, most likely it’s not, I will probably be at a Zurko Show when one is in the area over the Fall/Winter.

One great thing about CECE is that Paul really knows how to take care of his guests. It was a pleasure to be seated across from the legendary Ken Kelly, we had some good conversations about art and the good ol’USMC. My neighbor to the other side was the SOUP NAZI Larry Thomas. I was so happy that Larry Elmore was at this show, I really missed not hanging out with him and our usual group because I didn’t get to do GenCon this year, it was nice to visit and chat with him again. I also went over and bugged on Katie Cook and her husband Ryan for a little bit. And it was really great to finally meet Corbett Vanoni after all of this time. Darla Ecklund, Jessica Hickman and Grant Gould were also there, and it was great seeing them again too. And Bob Stevlic popped in for a visit on both Saturday & Sunday. ^_^ Mark McHaley and I finally got to sit and chat, we met at the 2007 CECE but never got to talk much.

The Charity Dinner Saturday night was so much fun, Bill the Minion and family was at our table along with Grant and Mark. Such a fun bunch and OMG the food was mighty TASTY.

Just a few clips from this past weekend before my batteries died

Now that show season is over, it’s time to get LOTS of NEW WORK done, and to restock and make some new merchandise for next years season. *thumbs up*

As the group photo was coming together:

Group Photo by Cherie Tieri.

Click the picture to view it larger.

CECE – Saturday & Sunday

I doubt I’ll have another chance to post anything before the show starts… lots of stuff to get done this week plus I’m still dealing with the bodywork SNAFU from that semi-trailer incident a few weeks ago. (Completely unhappy with the work that the bodyshop did, IMO they need to fire their quality control person).

Saturday & Sunday I’ll be at the Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo in Carol Stream. Click the link above for more details and directions to the show.
It’s my last show of the year so let make it a good one. =)
Hope to see ya’ll there.

Silvis Moonlight Festival Craft Show [ recap ]

The weather was wonderful, we had a nice breeze, clear skies, lots and LOTS of sunshine (quick note to self: if I do this show again I will need to invest in a patio umbrella). The craft show was much smaller than I thought it was going to be, it definitely was not my target audience.


I think there is at least one customer at each show that makes that show memorable. There was an elderly gentleman that had been to my booth several times during the day just browsing and listening to me be an ArtNerd to some of the kids asking questions. So about the very end of the show (right about 945p) when it was quiet he came back to pick out his prints and talk to me. He was just so completely happy with his purchases he was grinning like a young kid. It makes me incredibly happy that my work makes someone else that happy.

Below are some clips I shot to show my booth day & night.

[ Larger Version Here ]