Back to the beginning….

for Sugar Skull…

I just haven’t found the motivation to work on this all over again that’s why it’s taking so long just to get to the point just before I started painting on the other one. But I do think the *re*drawing turned out much better on this version. Hopefully there won’t be any product malfunctions like before, if there are… I guess we’ll just have to wait till I cross that bridge.

Think I’m calling her “Capt. Jasmine”

New sketch for a painting I’ll probably start transferring today on some of that new Crescent Watercolor Board. I’m kinda excited about it. Inspired from a themed sketchbook commission from GenCon.

I’ve decided that it would probably be a good investment to get a tablet pc so that when I’m doing commissions at shows I can look up reference for details.

Countdown has begun!

34 days till GenCon… 25 Days to finish all of the work I’ve been working on.

• I’m currently working on a painting that, till I actually started painting it was turning out really nice, then the board started falling apart. I’m desperately trying to make it work, so much went into the line work, that starting over isn’t an option.

• I started ‘The Chase‘, still need to refine the line work then it’ll be ready to paint.

• I have a little goth girl character my friend Holly’s daughter ‘Gabby’ that I really want to get done.

• I’d like to do some Game of Thrones Fan Art if there’s time.

• I’d like to have another sketchbook to offer again this year but… I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

• Since I have a large booth again this year I need to buy more frames to bring a whole bunch more art – last year I didn’t bring enough and had to put prints up on my wall.

Once I’ve finished the painting on the bad board I’ll post progress shots, and a little back story about the board and how Crescent really stepped up to keep a long time customer happy.

I now have a tumblr acct and seem to post there quite a bit these days. (it also cross posts to my twitter)

New Personal Work

This little fairy was inspired by a sketchbook drawing I did the week before last.

Yesterday all I did was work on the background. I had an idea of what I wanted, I worked at it, and worked at it, but by the end of the day it was crap. I really didn’t want to have to scrap all of the work I had already put into the pencils. Since I had used liquid mask to cover the figure, I thought… Gesso! I guess it was the perfect opportunity to try something I hadn’t done before… and I absolutely LOVE the way this turned out. Yay for happy mistakes. =) After this little experiment you can bet I’ll be doing more of this.

TOR has eaten my brain…

Not really but it’s a breath of fresh pixels compared to how stale and boring WoW had become. So you can probably guess there’s going to be lots of SWTOR fan art of my character coming soon.

Here’s a little doodle of her I did the other day.


Also in the works:

Soon I should be receiving that skate deck I ordered sometime in December, so be on the look out for progress pictures of that. I have a few portraits on my table I’ve been working on (most likely a video will be shot during painting), and… Final Twilight is getting a reboot and I’ll be doing a few cards for that as well.

Also hopefully I can get on the Hobbit sketch card list. *crosses fingers* But we’ll have to see my last dealings with Topps wasn’t that great, but I love Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth / especially drawing Gandalf. *sigh*

I’m thinking about completely overhauling my galleries. That itself is a HUGE undertaking. *sigh*

I hope the new year has been good to everyone.

Today is my cat’s 21st. birthday.
Happy Birthday Vern

Retro Sexy Robot – Progress

I’m so happy to make some progress on this piece after the last two days of having no electricity. Monday morning we had a really bad storm that knocked the power out, ComEd’s automated service estimated that restoration time would be Friday / Saturday. I was so upset and frustrated that it was going to take them that long, when I have so much I need to do that involves working in photoshop. Cyphan & GenCon are really just around the corner and that was going to put a serious dent in my time table. I found out from Pam, one of the cashiers at Jewel, that ComEd was bringing in crews from other cities to help get the power back on.

Tuesday at about 1130p the ComEd truck was on our street scouting our power lines, I think everyone on the block was outside watching, waiting and hoping.

I know it’s a little different for me, but I really think it sums up a majority of the artistic influences of my youth, Patrick Nagel, Classic Pinup, Soryama’s Sexy Robot, Xanadu and Flash Gordon from 1957 (the first real scifi I was exposed to as a kid, I used to watch it every Sunday morning).

Desk – 07142011