Dear Wells Fargo,

Why are you perpetuating the idea that ‘The Arts” are a waste of time when you HIRED photographers, graphic designers, and actors to make your brochure?  What in the hell were you thinking? It’s not your place to tell anyone that their path is a waste of time. Shame on you.

Count – I – Con Day 2

I’ve been doing shows since about 2004, and this one… yeah, we’re just going to chalk this one up to ‘a learning experience‘. Total loss..  Lots of hype, but that’s all it was.

So artists if you’re approached to do this show, just beware, it’s not a good show, especially if they want you to pay for your booth.

On to new and better things – Sketchbooks will start going out this week as I get sketches done. Plus I have a few paintings I’d like to get done before I dig in on Halloween work for The Haunted All Night Flea Market : Freddie, Jason & Regan MacNeil (exorcist), also have some cute Halloween type art to do.

Lots to do!

Next show:
Chi-Pop-Con Oct 7th & 8th – in Carol Stream
Wheaton Haunted Flea Market – Oct 22nd.

Here’s a little story video I took for my instagram of my friends Kurt Dinse and Rob Hogan.

A video posted by Connie (@connie_faye) on Aug 29, 2016 at 6:52am PDT

Count – I – Con Day 1…

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a show that was this bad.  From what I’ve been told last year it was a really good show, that’s why I decided to do it.  Even if Sunday turns out to be a good day, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be returning next year.  It’s a long drive, (1.5hrs one way) and a lot of work to not make any money.  I talked to friends of mine also working this show and they’ve said pretty much the same thing.  No one’s really buying.

I’m not sure what the issue is, maybe they didn’t advertise enough or maybe sales are so bad because it’s following on the heels of Wizard World?

All I know is I need Sunday to be an awesome sales day.

A photo posted by Connie (@connie_faye) on Aug 27, 2016 at 11:22am PDT

I really need a new phone, one that takes better pictures.  I’m so tired of the pictures I take with my phone being out of focus.

While I was having no sales, I worked on one of the Pre-Order Sketchbook sketches.

A photo posted by Connie (@connie_faye) on Aug 27, 2016 at 2:44pm PDT

Even this one looks blurry. =(


"Musings" 2016 Sketchbook PreOrder Has Begun!

Alrighty! Here it is! My 2016 Sketchbook “Musings” it’s 5.5 x 8.5 inches – 16 pages of black & white and a few color sketches, some I’ve been keeping secret. The 16th has a blank spot for a random sketch (Buyer’s Choice), with a full bleed color cover. 100% made by me.

This year, I’m also including as a BONUS a 9×12 glossy print of the cover called ‘Poxyclipse Winter’. Which is only available via this pre-order event.

To Order go here:

If you can add a note to on your payment letting me know what you want for a sketch or you can just shoot me an email (

Sketchbooks will be shipped on August 22/23 to give me time to get your back page sketch done.

Update:   IF there are 10 or more preorders, I’ll include: my NoFace Valentine as a raffle/giveaway.

If you are one of my patreon subscribers, go check my feed, there’s a special coupon waiting for you.

"Musings" 2016 Sketchbooks

My muse decided to throw me a curve ball today. She thinks I should put together a sketchbook for my show NEXT weekend (and for the comicbook show the weekend after that). And she’s hinting at wanting me to do a sketchbook filled with drawings of Piglet doing things. I think that will be fun, but this sketchbook thing on short notice. Seems like an awful lot of work. But you know, I’ve been wanting to try and come up with an illustration project, and I think this might be it.

I’m hoping to have the pages finished this weekend, so I can get to the printer on Monday (Tuesday at the latest). I’ll be taking preorders on Sunday.

Website Moved…

With all of the changes to services within this past year (Oct 2015 – Present) I was left with no other options but to leave blogger for hosting my website. Earlier in the year Google was merging Picasa with their Google Photos and discontinuing Picasa all together. We were told that if we were using links to the photos in picasa, nothing would change. But once the migration was done, how those pictures reacted once you clicked on them was not the same. It doesn’t matter how you had the images displayed once clicked you were redirected to a google site. So basically my gallery was broken again.

I would have rather spent the last 3 days working on new paintings for my show in two weeks instead of reworking my entire website in a new place. During that time I disconnected my domain from blogger to point to my new site at weebly, which is why it’s been unavailable. (still waiting for it to propagate through.)

Why weebly? As compensation for comcast/xfinity axing our personal webpages, they gave us (those who claimed it within the allotted time frame) 2 years of a free pro account. I still have a year left, and thought I’d take advantage of it before it runs out. So about June next year I’ll be moving my site again to Wix and also transferring my domain to them as well. I really like their site controls much better than Weebly, and the yearly wix subscription includes domain fees.

There are still a few things left to finish on my new site, mainly the gallery area. I’ll be working on that today. I’m also keeping my blogger blog, because there’s no way to transfer my entries. I’ve been with blogger since 2004\5 and I really don’t want to abandon those archives. So for now I’ll continue using blogger for my blog only.

Hopefully my domain will be active with the new site later on today.

Geneseo Music & Craft Festival 2016 [ recap ]

I just wanted to take a minute to Thank everyone that stopped by that weekend.

I really appreciate talking to everyone, and sharing my art with you guys. I’ve enjoyed doing this show for the past 7 years, but this past year was my last year.

Now, it’s not you guys, it’s the city. They really destroyed this show when they decided they didn’t want to do it anymore. Even though the next year they brought it it back for only one day, the damage was already done. Also, I have a feeling they aren’t advertising like they used to; because number of people attending has been really low. This show just hasn’t come back to the way it was the year before they cancelled it.

Honestly it’s a lot of work for such low sales. I said last year I’d give it another year, and this year just didn’t pan out like I had hoped.

Day 1

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Day 2

A video posted by Connie (@connie_faye) on Jun 19, 2016 at 8:04am PDT


Prince Tribute Art Limited Edition Prints (Ends May 6th)

[ click here to order ]
Available till May 6th

This is a LIMITED Edition Print of my Tribute piece I drew on April 21, in honor of Prince. Each print will be numbered according to how many are ordered.

My prints are printed on acid free 162 gsm Mohawk paper specifically designed for ‘High Quality Digital Reproduction’.

Your print is bagged in a Crystal Clear, Acid and Lignin Free Archival sleeve , with 4-ply (approx. 1/16″ thick) double sided super smooth white illustration board backing, and packed in a 9×12 priority mail envelope.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
US Destinations: – Priority Mail.

International: First-Class Mail International Parcel

All Orders Will Ship May 8th