The dumpster fire that was 2021

It’s been a rough year to say the least.
A very good friend of mine died in September, and my Step-Sister died at the beginning of December.
I’m doing more art, than I’ve done since starting my day job.
Most days I feel like I’ve taken a wrong turn in my life, it’s all upside down and backwards, but I keep trudging on, maybe I’ll find my way back to where it all went sideways so I can get on track.

But hey, 2022 is just around the corner, the year of Green People Crackers, Viral Vampires, Kaiju coming up from deep under the sea and biological war to end everything.

I was hoping that we’d have COVID in the rear view mirror at this point because I wanted to get back to doing shows, but I’m not so sure now. Being out around people gives me really bad anxiety, I don’t want to deal with the insanity a certain group of people have about wearing masks or vaccines.

This weekend I’m taking down my mask order listings in my shop, I’ve already put away all of my fabric & sewing machine. I made masks almost non-stop for 18 months, it’s time to concentrate on arting.

I’ve been enjoying this whole Chibi/Super Deformed character style I’ve been working in, even if no one else really likes it. I just have so many I want to do, it’s my escape from this monotonous hamster wheel of an existence I’m stuck in.

I need to get cracking on reworking my portfolio, in the coming weeks I’ll be updating my website and adding art & prints to my website store.

Kurt Russel as Santa (This was my christmas card this past year)

Dr. Frank N Furter for Halloween

Long Way Around the Sun…

Yeah, 6 months have past since my last entry.  The Day job is exhausting, I have little to no energy left when I get home at night to do any kind of arting.  I have no idea how I’m going to rework my portfolio, I get about half an hour worth of drawing done on my lunch break, and that’s it.  The weekend is usually full of the stuff I used to do during the week when I was freelance.  This is going to be far more challenging than I had originally imagined.

This is the last painting I managed to do, and that was at work, took about two weeks?

Most recent Sketch (after seeing Alita: Battle Angel)

Meanwhile my artwork ‘todo’ list just keeps getting longer.

I hope my next update has some real art.  *crosses fingers*


are officially CLOSED.  
I know I had mentioned keeping commissions open till Sept 7th.  I just don’t think I’ll be able to do it, so I’m just going to go ahead and close now.

I will not be taking on any new commission for the foreseeable future, and I’ll probably be super picky about the projects I  accept.

I start my new day job tomorrow.    I will need some time to get my brain out of  the ‘art for money’ mode, and find my creative voice again, right now she’s MIA.

First paycheck will go toward getting me a new pair of glasses, paying for my website at wix, and getting the cats to the vet for their annual check-ups.

My last show is October 20th – The Wheaton Halloween All Night Flea Market.  I’m not sure at this point how many shows I’ll be able to do, or if I’ll even want to do shows anymore once I get sorted with the new job.  I’d like to keep doing them, but it all depends on how much new original work I can create while also working 40 hrs/wk.

New Art:
I created this for a client’s business card because I thought it needed a pop of color over the standard black/white clip art.

I have it up on TeePublic and  Society 6.

Before Closing – I want to give a special thanks to all of my patrons and clients for their support over the years, it’s been rough, I really appreciate it all.