CECE 2010 – recap

This was my first time back to CECE since 2007, I had lots of fun and it was my LAST show of the year, most likely it’s not, I will probably be at a Zurko Show when one is in the area over the Fall/Winter.

One great thing about CECE is that Paul really knows how to take care of his guests. It was a pleasure to be seated across from the legendary Ken Kelly, we had some good conversations about art and the good ol’USMC. My neighbor to the other side was the SOUP NAZI Larry Thomas. I was so happy that Larry Elmore was at this show, I really missed not hanging out with him and our usual group because I didn’t get to do GenCon this year, it was nice to visit and chat with him again. I also went over and bugged on Katie Cook and her husband Ryan for a little bit. And it was really great to finally meet Corbett Vanoni after all of this time. Darla Ecklund, Jessica Hickman and Grant Gould were also there, and it was great seeing them again too. And Bob Stevlic popped in for a visit on both Saturday & Sunday. ^_^ Mark McHaley and I finally got to sit and chat, we met at the 2007 CECE but never got to talk much.

The Charity Dinner Saturday night was so much fun, Bill the Minion and family was at our table along with Grant and Mark. Such a fun bunch and OMG the food was mighty TASTY.

Just a few clips from this past weekend before my batteries died


Now that show season is over, it’s time to get LOTS of NEW WORK done, and to restock and make some new merchandise for next years season. *thumbs up*

As the group photo was coming together:

Group Photo by Cherie Tieri.

Click the picture to view it larger.

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