what’s been going on…

Well since my last post a lot has happened… at the beginning of the year my pc died a horrible death. I finally got paid for those Marilyn Cards which funded the replacement pc.

Mostly I’ve been working on getting ready for show season. =) Last year I had spent so much time working on cards that I had NO new work to offer for prints, which left me terribly high and dry at the shows, barely making back my table fees. Last year was NOT a good year to say the least.

My current Painting Sneek Peek:
All of the colors are much lighter than they appear in this picture. I’m hoping when I scan it the colors will be truer.

I was doubting the skintone on the face, till I started working in the details. I was thinking of giving her black hair, but now that I look at it, i’m leaning towards white hair instead. The rest of her dress and her wings will be dark (mostly black, the brocade on her corset will be shades of red). and I think the white will be a nice contrast.

I’m still open for commissions. If you’re interested please check out my rates [ here ].

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