GenCon Indy 2009 [recap]

For the first time, I had all of my projects finished before we left; with the exception that I didn’t get a decent portfolio printed to hand out to the gaming companies. That’s something I will definitely have for next year (fancy packaging and all). And depending on what the economy does between now and GenCon next year, I will purchase either one of the larger tables in the Art Show (8ft table with two gallery panels) or a booth on the floor. I’m hoping that I’ve made enough to cover the costs of getting a new printer so I can start doing my own prints, I think the print quality will be far superior to what I’m stuck with now. If the new printer does happen I will be doing limited print runs on hot press watercolor paper. Whooo hoooo…

It was great to get there a day early and sleep on time the night before the first day, it’s so nice NOT to be dead tired that first day. I think the show went well given the state of the economy. My pendants and Cellphone/Bookbag charms went over very well, which made me happy. I totally sold out of my Hellequin prints, something I haven’t done in quite some time. This week I’ll be uploading more images to my Zazzle store and working on my website.

I was so happy to see all of my artist/con friends (not to be confused with con-artist friends, lol) This was really the ONLY show I’ve done this year. =(

Joshua David was my neighbor and on the other side was Billy Tackett.

Thursday night we had mall food then we walked to one of the nearby hotels and played Andy Hopp’s Coblin Chaos. OMG was that ever fun, sadly I totally forgot to get back over and buy a copy of it from him before the end of the show. Speaking of Con on the Cob I’ll be doing some mail-in’s for that show since I won’t be able to actually attend, so make sure if you’re attending to look for my artwork! =)

Friday: Bill came in, it was really wonderful to see him, just as soon as he got to my table I gave him a big big hug. I’ve missed him so much. We went to dinner, then to see District 9. It was such a good time, I was a little sad to say goodbye, we don’t nearly see him that much anymore.

Saturday: My friends Sam & Steph stopped by, and Sam made me a beautiful pair of earrings. I’m kinda kicking myself for not getting a picture with them… Later that night we went to dinner at Sushi on the Rock to celebrate my friend Lydia’s Birthday. The food was awesome as always, but… they had a guitarist there paying blues, it was so loud we couldn’t hear each other talk. I had such a great time with everyone, we didn’t get back to the hotel till almost 11pm (ish).

Sunday: We all were counting down till the end of the show, afterward our usual group made it to the Spaghetti Factory. So much fun!

Speaking of the hotel… The Ramada ( 520 Thompson Rd. Indianapolis IN) had the BEST mattress I’ve ever slept on in a hotel! If I could have fit it in the car I would have totally stolen it.

It was so great to see everyone again, both friends and the wonderful people that bought something from me.

[pictures to come later, I still need to unpack, but first grocery shopping]

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