Love is in the Air, almost.

As the Valentine’s season approaches I’ve been busy creating Valentine’s day goodies.

Hand-made Valentines Day Cards:

“Baby Love Dragon Cards” are also available in [ quantities of 5 ].

Loves Me” & “Loves Me Not” are both available separately in quantities of 5.

Zazzle Valentines Day Merchandise:
*** From Personal Experience, make sure you order your Zazzle purchases as soon as possible or you will NOT get them before Valentines Day. ***

Zazzle Promotion:
25% OFF ALL T-SHIRTS! Use Code: LOVEKEEPSAKE Ends Saturday (1.29.2011)

If you’d like your very own Valentines Day ACEO:
Black, White & Red: 20.00 (USD)
Painted: 35.00 (USD)
First Class Shipping (1.75 USD) ANYWHERE.

If you’re interested in your own ACEO or would like to see any of my Valentines Day Artworks on other products than what I made… Contact me on Facebook, Myspace or deviantArt.

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